The reasons I love him

When someone asks why you love your partner, you should have a good answer.

The Science of Love

There is a force of attraction That pulls me to him And keeps me grounded Without it I fear I would drift away Into space Alone No tether No air No life It is he who draws me in Exercising his power over The movement of my heart With all the force Of a planet... Continue Reading →

An apology to myself

As I sit by myself in silence, I'm thinking about why I feel so wounded. It could be any combination of things from the past. Likely, it's just a consequence of where I've been and what I've learned. Sometimes the things I have learned are scary. Marriage isn't always forever. People leave each other. They... Continue Reading →

Curling up with a good book

I wander the empty halls of my house¬†looking for stimulationwhen I pass the bookshelf in the hallfilled with comics and dictionariespoetry and fictionart, history, religionI stop and stare at the spinesall different colorsshapes and sizesall books that I have carried with me through the yearsI know them wellor do I? My eyes focus on one... Continue Reading →

When True Love is a destination

They stand at the edge of the water and look out towards the horizon. It isn't clear where the ocean ends and the sky begins. They look up at the sky with skepticism, measuring up the potential for bad weather. Only wisps of clouds and a bright sun. There is no better time than now.... Continue Reading →

The lighter side of sacrifice

In a trade-off situation, you are often compromising one thing for another. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much.

The beauty of uncertainty

It's hard to embrace. The all of its terrifying glory. It will have its way with you, no doubt. So why not just buckle up and enjoy the ride?

Love letter to a friend

It's been so many years. And here we are. 30 years ago I developed a mad crush on a skater punk in high school. He was sexy. He was shy. He was flirtatious and funny. Magnetic. Mysterious. A first love. But as is common in the tragic lives of 15 year-olds, the timing was wrong...our... Continue Reading →

What you should know about traveling to Machu Picchu

Overview: Planes, trains and automobiles It took a bit of effort and time to get to Machu Picchu. There did not seem to be any direct routes, so get ready to travel a little. This was how we did it over 2 weeks: FLY FROM PHILADELPHIA TO MIAMI¬†TO LIMA, PERU FLY FROM LIMA TO CUSCO... Continue Reading →

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