Survey: Saying “No”

Answer this anonymous, 10-question survey online about saying "no".

Separate Bedrooms, Better Sleep

It sounds so cold. How can I not share a bed with the man I live with? Let me tell you in 10 easy points.

Damn Good Recipes

So here I am, in my late 40's and just now learning to cook. Luckily, I have come across some foolproof recipes that are easy and actually make me look like I have a clue. Which is difficult. Enjoy!

Machu Picchu: How We Did It

If you are planning to visit Machu Picchu, this is a detailed explanation of how we did it without a tour group.

The Glorification of Busy

When did being busy every minute become the definition of a successful, happy person? Maybe we should all just slow down.

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