The breakup: moving day

Well here we are. Our 7 year relationship ended only 2 weeks ago and tomorrow I'm moving out. My previous posts during this period have covered the emotional roller coaster ride, which has been an epic and fast moving ordeal. Epic inasmuch as I have been living on junk food and wine for 2 weeks,... Continue Reading →

The breakup: packing the house

This weekend I spent many hours packing my things to move out. After a 7 year relationship, I have accumulated a fair amount of stuff. So packing really sucked in the beginning of the week. It felt insurmountable and heart-wrenching. I was working systematically through the first 4 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, and... Continue Reading →

Breaking up: moving from sad to mad

If you saw my earlier posts this week, you know I’m ending a relationship of 7 years and moving to my own apartment next week. In the first 2 posts, I lamented about being suspended in constant angst while processing my new situation. But since then, I had a pivotal moment that catapulted my state... Continue Reading →

What you should know about traveling to Machu Picchu

Overview: Planes, trains and automobiles It took a bit of effort and time to get to Machu Picchu. There did not seem to be any direct routes, so get ready to travel a little. This was how we did it over 2 weeks: FLY FROM PHILADELPHIA TO MIAMI TO LIMA, PERU FLY FROM LIMA TO CUSCO... Continue Reading →

Never ask him why you broke up

In my previous post about the joy of breaking up, I covered topics including the ideal diet (cake and wine), health behaviors (obsessive, negative thoughts and ugly crying), and a few other choice pieces of wisdom. So on day 3, I expound further on the fantastic experience of breaking up, with the suggestion that a... Continue Reading →

The joy of breaking up

I've noticed that a lot of people are writing books and articles about how difficult it was to recover from breaking up. All in retrospect. All sort of rational, optimistic, sunny-side reflections on the pain they experienced. But rarely do I hear anyone say, "I'm in it right now." That's raw. And hard to find,... Continue Reading →

Apparently failure IS an option

It can feel like the end of the world sometimes. You set out with a goal and fall flat on your face. Or your ass. But either way, sometimes it just feels better to stay down than to get back up and keep going. Whether the failure is monumental or minor, it is inevitable. Therefore,... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about marriage

I tried it. I couldn't make it work. Apparently, I'm not alone. So I decided to do a 10-question survey to find out how other people feel about marriage (download the results at the end of this article). In 2016, over 2 million people got married. But there were 827,000 divorces. So there are a... Continue Reading →

Just say “NO” to guilt

When I started this blog, my first article was about the beauty of saying “no” when I need to. The most recent example of this was a very difficult decision to cut myself some slack on the weekends (see "The Glorification of Busy"). I was feeling very guilty if I wasn’t being “productive” on the... Continue Reading →

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